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Product Description:

The PetroQuip APCV-II premium sleeve is mounted in the production string which allows flow control of commutation between the annulus and tubing. The sleeve is designed to function properly in a vertical or deviated well. The Sleeve can be shifted with a PetroQuip “PB” shifting tool or an industry standard “B” shifting tool. Use the PetroQuip WSST™ shifting tool to shift the sleeve in highly deviated wells.

 APCV II Quicksheet


  • Patented seal and seal stack design enables industry-leading maximum pressure differential
  • Non-elastomeric Seals
  • Tested to 7,500 psi shifting differential unloading
  • Precisely designed milled production slots allow application of high torque, bending, and tensile forces
  • Proprietary metal-metal sealing threads
  • Shifting can be applied to either shift-up or shiftdown to open (depending on Model)
  • Upper sub has a seating nipple, allowing for the use of additional equipment
  • Specific shifting profiles (Special, Standard, or Selective) ensure that the proper sleeves are activated
  • Available in both slim-line and standard
  • Large flow area minimizing erosion