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Offshore Catalog

PetroQuip works in inland, shelf, and deep-water real estates of the Gulf of Mexico waters and is truly your preferred zonal isolation products and services authority, featuring advanced sliding sleeve technology and fast deliverability at reasonable prices.

PetroQuip's highly qualified engineering and design teams work in close coordination with their comprehensive manufacturing and operations capabilities. This enables clients to receive a fully integrated approach in their product development and customization. PetroQuip products involve research, design and manufacturing to inspection and testing - resulting in products of great precision and performance.  Additionally, PetroQuip Engineers are available for on-site consulting and technical support worldwide 24 hours a day.  From design to manufacturing, assembly to testing, PetroQuip provides you with customized turnkey R&D Project Management based on your needs and unique specifications. We embrace technology and innovation, with facilities and expertise focused on your specific requirements.