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Product Description:

Use the DLV™ to hydraulically control communication between the annulus and the tubing. This hydraulic actuated sliding sleeve mounted in the production tubing allows hydraulic shifting from surface, which eliminates the need for costly interventions. The DLV is opened and closed by pressuring up on one control line while displacing control-line fluid up a second line..


  • Allows for shifting from the surface, eliminating performing an intervention
  • N+1 Configuration
  • Backup mechanical opening options include model “B”, “PB”, PetroQuip’s “WSST™” , and “BO”
  • Proprietary non-elastomeric seal stack enables industry-leading maximum pressure differential
  • Tested to 7,500 psi shifting differential unloading
  • Proprietary threads eliminates the need for O-rings
  • Milled slots permit application of high torque, bending and tensile forces
  • Large flow area minimizes erosion
  • Upper sub has a seating nipple, allowing for additional equipment